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Here at Caitlin’s Smiles, we are witness to many incredible acts of giving. Whether it is through volunteering, donations or photos from children in the hospitals, people continue to amaze us with their acts of generosity. We will be sharing these experiences with all of you through our Monthly Smiles stories. So, please come back to visit this page for inspiring stories of giving that happen right here at Caitlin’s Smiles.

November 2017

Gabby, an 8-year-old good deed dynamo, and her parents stopped by the Caitlin’s Smiles office to drop off the Play-Doh® Gabby had collected and take a tour of our facility. Gabby has a Facebook Page called “Gabby’s Acts of Kindness.” She chooses various causes and rounds up an army of volunteers and donors to help her complete her acts of kindness. Gabby’s mom tells us, “All of our members are making the difference.”

Gabby, from the Mechanicsburg area, first learned about Caitlin’s Smiles through a classmate of hers who had received a “Bag of Smiles.” After some research, Gabby decided she wanted to have a Play-Doh® drive. In just two weeks, she collected 456 cans.

Gabby’s Acts of Kindness began last January after Gabby volunteered for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where she learned how to knit a hat for the homeless. Around the same time, her class at school was assigned to do individual acts of kindness. She had also wanted to have a Facebook Page to promote kindness. At that point, all these things came together, and Gabby’s Acts of Kindness was born.

Gabby has several projects going on at any given time. Gabby’s Crazy Knitters has provided over 1,200 items to the homeless so far this year. Some other projects she’s worked on include raising money to repair the roof of a school in Kenya; collecting toys and games for children at Hershey Medical Center; packing meals for starving children; and providing snacks to her local police department.

Gabby and her family are big Hershey Bears fans, and they never miss a game. One of Gabby’s projects combines her love of hockey and doing a good deed, so she is collecting stuffed animals for the Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss on December 3. All items collected at the game are donated to charity.

Gabby’s mom tells us, “Gabby has always been a very caring child, but this experience has really helped her open up with speaking and being confident.”

In addition to partnering again with Caitlin's Smiles, Gabby's future plans include possibly working to buy more cars for the kids of Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital to travel between rooms. She adds, “I’m sure we will find some new causes to work for as well!”

This little girl does so much, you can’t help but smile and feel good about all that she does. To learn more about Gabby’s Acts of Kindness, check out her Facebook Page.