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Here at Caitlin’s Smiles, we are witness to many incredible acts of giving. Whether it is through volunteering, donations or photos from children in the hospitals, people continue to amaze us with their acts of generosity. We will be sharing these experiences with all of you through our Monthly Smiles stories. So, please come back to visit this page for inspiring stories of giving that happen right here at Caitlin’s Smiles.

April 2018

On April 23, we had an adult special needs group, the Aurora Club, volunteer at Caitlin’s Smiles. One individual was so inspired by the mission of Caitlin’s Smiles, that he wrote a lovely poem. Below, please find Anthony Watson’s poem:

Still Spreading Smiles After All These Years

by Anthony Watson

Still spreading smiles to hearts, to faces,

Care packages of colors and goodies are sent

By caring hearts to many places,

Where children need a lot of cheer, and kindness so simple,

So true, so clear.

Still spreading smiles and happiness after all this time,

Caitlin's Smiles are beautifully busy with caring hands

Devoted people

Spreading sunshine across the miles, to little ones

So special

Caitlin's Smiles is a special project, inspired by a special little girl,

Who is now a special little angel in heaven

So very happy to see all the love, kindness and light spread in her name.

God bless Caitlin and beautiful legacy she leaves behind.