Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are the icing on our cake! We receive a smattering of notes, photos, and emails from the kiddos who received our arts and craft activities, from their parents, and from hospital staff members. They always put smiles on our faces.

Ace is 17, my oldest daughter of three. She's currently at Wellspan Ephrata being treated for pneumonia. When they brought her this bag, she did exactly what you aim for...she smiled! Thank you for your thoughtfullness and generosity. May God continue to bless your organization!

- Melissa

Thank you for the generous get well bag. It had all her favorites! Thank you for putting a smile on her face, especially after a tricky oral surgery. Keep up the great job.

- Anon

It is so sweet having stuff for to do while in here. She feels miserable and the bag, it gives her a smile. We truly appreciate it.

- Sasha

Thanks so much for all you do!

- Anon

I want to thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful gift on our crappiest of days. It made Emalee feel so much better.

- Anon

Thank you for the bag of smiles!

- Anon

I would like to thank you for the beautiful smile bag that was created for the children. My son has been in the hospital for a few days and 1 of his nurses gave him this bag. It warmed by heart and also made him feel safe. Thank you again.

- Anon

Hello, I want to thank you for the great Bag of Smiles. My daughter was so happy and loved it! If we can help in any way please let us know! A wonderful idea!

- Erica

Wow just wow. My daughter was so sick and sad & upset & when the nurse walked in with this beautiful bag full of her favorite art supplies she lit up! Thanks for all the special handmade touches! Please keep doing what you do. Bringing a little joy to sick kids. Hospitals can be so boring just laying in a bed all day and all night. She was so happy to squeeze puddy, it calmed her nerves.

- Anon