Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are the icing on our cake! We receive a smattering of notes, photos, and emails from the kiddos who received our arts and craft activities, from their parents, and from hospital staff members. They always put smiles on our faces.

On behalf of the pediatric patients at the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai and the Child Life, we would like to thank you for your donation of craft kits. We are truly thankful for the smiles you have brought to our children and families! The pediatric patients and hospital staff in the hematology/oncology clinic, Emergency Department, and inpatient unit are so grateful for your generosity.

- The Child Life Team, Herman & Walter Samuelson Hospital at Sinai

On behalf of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, thank you and Caitlin's Smiles for the generous gift in kind of craft kits to the Child Life Program. Sinai Hospital features centers on excellence that attract patients from all over the world. We value your investment in our mission and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in continuing our traditions of service to the community, clinical strength and compassion for all those who come to us for care.

- Julie E. Cox, Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Hi! Thank you SO much for the box of arts & crafts baggies for our patients. Your donations mean so much and make a difference in the lives of our patients. We appreciate you! Thanks again,

- Lara, Outpatient Cardiology Nurse Manager, Nemours Children's Health, Delaware Valley

Thank you for the donation we love all the crafts.

- Angel

I wanted to let you know that the package you sent arrived and our patients at Children’s National had so much fun trying them out. What a hit! Again, thank you so much for this partnership.

- Horizon Day Camp

Thanks for our craft!!!

- Monnie

Hannah says thank you so much for the crafts! Your crafts really made her day! Thank you so much!

- Lisa

We at the Ronald McDonald House of Scranton sincerely appreciate your generous donation of the craft kits. Every donation such as yours helps our House and the families who stay her in innumerable ways. The Ronald McDonald House of Scranton is truly "The House that Love Built" and it is only through the generous contributions of our community that we are able to be true to our mission of providing a Home Away from Home for families in need. Again, thank you.

- Warren Shotto, Executive Director

Thank you so much for your generous gift of Coping Kits given to Shriners Children's Erie to bring our patients some well-deserved cheer. With your donation, you are helping to bring hope, healing and a bright future to our patients. Your gift will directly affect the lives of countless children to which we provide our specialized care. All of the employees in Erie as well as our board of governors appreciate your compassion and commitment!

- Debbi Tarasovitch, Stewardship Coordinator

We would like to take a moment to let you know hom many smiles your support has brought to all the children and families we serve each day. Any donation, no matter the size, is sincerely appreciated. On behalf of those who benefit from your generosity, we would like to thank you for your donation of wonderful 'Make your own Bookmark Kits.' YOU are an integral part of the hope that makes RMHSNJ the House That Love Built for families facing theincredible challenges that come with a medically fragile child.

- Tracy Sharpe, Executive Director

My son loves his bag

- Amanda

Thank you for the wonderful bag! It put a smile on Charlie's face!

- Megan

The most thoughtful & perfect care package for my son at Hillcrest Hospital ❤ the dinosaur truck made his whole day! Thank you for your kindness & generosity!

- Gina

Thank you!

- Cecelia

Thank U for the kits from Toledo hospital. Jasmin loved them while she got her EEG done.

- Jenna

Many thanks for our bag of goodies at the Akron children’s hospital in Boardman yesterday.

- Laura

Thank you from Galisano Children’s Hospital in SWFL. My 8 month old son, Cooper, has been admitted for 24 hours now and my 19 month old daughter, Nova-Leigh, has had nothing to do. I was literally searching the hospital hallways floor by floor and I found a table full of your activities in the Ronald McDonald room. Thank you! My little girl got to make a door hanger for her baby brother room and make a bracelet using two of your kits. Thank you for the 20 minutes that my girl was happy and occupied.

- Falecia

Matching "firework" rings 💍 🩷

- Stephanie

Thank you for all that you do! During one of our many hospitalizations, my daughter Amina and 8-year-old with Sickle Cell Disease received one of your bags and enjoyed everything in it. Usually, we pack many artsy items of our own but this trip to the hospital was unplanned and therefore we had not activities. Your bag was right on time and just right for her. Please let us know how we can help you continue to put smiles on the faces of other children just like Amina. Much gratitude and again thank you for the impact you all make.

- Quenna

Thank for the bag of smiles bag. It really cheered my little girl up. She wishes you all well.


My little ones were in the hospital with the flu and a really nice nurse handed me two of your activity bags. As sick as they were it brought them smiles. We didnt end up doing the craft because they were just too sick but they kept busy with the playdough and the fidget toy. Thank you again for keeping them entertained for the entire time until discharge. Thank you again.

- The Rudolph Family

Thank you!!!! We appreciate the crafts!

- Jayne

Thank you!

- Deanna

Thank you for the smiles!

- Emmanuel

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the goodie bag we received while my son was fighting complicated appendicitis at Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital. It really did bring a smile to my 5-year-old’s face.

- Stacie

Many thanks for your recent donation of angel crafts, origami and preschool necklaces. Our young guests will enjoy playing with these - a nice surprise when they stay here.

- Marion

Thank you so much for your generous donation of the activity kits given to Shriners Hospitals for Children, for its Erie location. This gift will help touch the lives of countless children with orthopaedic conditions and other special health care needs.

- David, Sr. Director of Philanthropy

Six years ago, our daughter, Makayla, was in the Ephrata hospital with a rare disease. While there she received a bag with various activities in it from Caitlin's Smiles. While there she received a bag with various activities in it from Caitlin's Smiles. It sure did make her smile, and today she is 8 years old and still has that bag! As a thank you, the ladies from our church got together and made bookmarker kits and decorated cards and bags. I hope you can use them to help cheer up many more children! Some children from our church helped to make the cards. We had fun making them.

- Rosanna

Thanks so much for your gift in kind of children's kits to Lehigh Valley Health Network's Lehigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital. Gifts-in-kind help us defray costs and devote the funds we raise to support the programs and services we provide to the community. Your gift-in-kind is a wonderful way to make Lehigh Valley Network even stronger. Our mission to heal, comfort and care for the people of our community by providing advanced and compassionate healthcare of superior quality and value depends greatly upon philanthropy. Your generosity is most appreciated.

- Elaine, Supervisor, Advancement Services

Thank you for your gift-in-kind of 4 boxes and a bag of stuffed animals to Reading Hospital on December 14, 2023. Your generosity helps support the patient care our community receives at Ready Hospital in thougtful and meaningful ways. Your dedication to others and your desire to give to the Reading Hospital community contributes to our mission of advancing health and transforming lives. Gives-in-kind also help us degray costs and devote the funds we raise that our patient experiences is comfortable and easy to manage. Your gift-in-kind is a wonderful and much needed way to give to Reading Hospital and make it even stronger. Again, thank you for your generosity and support.

- Melissa, Senior Director of Advancement Operations

Thank you! We are at Shriner's hospital in Philadelphia and your crafts brought a smile to me and my daughter during a stressful appointment.

- Rachel

Hello, I wanted to send this email to thank you/your organization for the fun bag of goodies and activities that my child enjoyed during her hospital stay (Inova Loudoun in Virginia.) last week. It brought much joy and warm smiles to her and all in the room with her. Thank you for all that you do.

- Vel

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful package my daughter Malka got during her stay in Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn,NY. We came back to her room after a few tests and found the nice surprise from the therapist on her bed. It brought a big smile to her face and kept her so busy during her hospital stay. Thank G-D she is ok and we are back home. But the package with the personal notes and pictures really put a bright spot in her stay so just wanted to say Thank You! A grateful mother...

- Devorah

Thank you for the gift.

- Jennifer

My son found a mask at the doctor's office today and I couldn’t help but send you a photo. He loves the bins at Penn State Children’s Heart Group. Thank you!

- Chelsea

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for putting this together. It was so appreciated and brought a smile to my daughter’s face during her rough week.

- Marissa

I happened to be visiting a student at Albany Med and saw your crafts. There was a nurse grabbing crafts for a kid. She said thank you and that she loves the idea. It has made a lot of people and kids smile.

- Danielle

I just wanted to say thank you for the fun crafts that you guys created. My girls and I picked up ours at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland. We had fun putting them together! Thanks again!

- Jennifer

Thank you for bringing things to Ronald McDonald House for the children to have fun with. This is my daughter Scarlett; she is happy to be able to make her creations.

- leydi

Thanks for the coping kit! It brought out one of Addie’s silly faces after a long night.

- Amy

We were so happy to receive a couple of art projects from Caitlin in our welcome bag at RMH Columbus! Thanks so much for the craft time while we were waiting for prescriptions to be filled! Violet is 12, and lives in WV. She enjoyed crafting during a break between appointments in Columbus, OH!

- Elizabeth

Thank you for bringing a bright spot to Watson's hospital stay!

- Rachel

It’s always a tough day for her at the hospital for her scans, but today while at Cleveland Clinic we got a Caitlin Smiles bag, and my daughter was SO excited. It truly made her day and I know so many other kids will enjoy these as well. We can’t wait to donate items off your Amazon wishlist so you can continue doing this wonderful gesture to honor Caitlin. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

- Lauren

She enjoyed the creative art bag thank you for putting a smile on her face ❣️Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

- Erika

Thank you!

- Franchesca

Thank you! This kept her and her siblings occupied.❣️

- Shariece

Thank You

- Chris

Thank you for the care package. ...your package just made her stay so much better! thank you!

- Sarah

Willow enjoyed making her visor. Thank you!

- Chanel

On behalf of the Children's Hospital, I would like to thank you all for your donation of craft kits and activity bags. The hospital can be a scary place, and donations that support the Child Life program at Carilion go a long way to showing patients and families that they not only have our support, but the support of the community during their recovery. We appreciate your kindness and generosity.

- Danielle, Child Life Department, Carilion Children's Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia

It made a world of difference to us, and he was so happy to have something to help him busy. THANK YOU! This note came along with a generous donation of coloring books from the family.

- Samantha

As we find ourselves looking forward to the chilly season and holidays ahead, we had to take a moment to send a “Thank You” to you! Your very generous donation of craft kits for the children to enjoy helps our staff as we provide meals, household staples, birthday parties, family movie nights, and so much more! It is all due to your thoughtfulness that our House can provide all the amenities of a home for our pediatric patients and their families.

- Tracey Sharpe, Interim Director

Bella was so happy to get your craft kit. Thank you for brightening our hospital stay in N.J.


Thank you for the fun visor kit at Albany Med! Kane loved it!

- Christopher

Thank you for your crafts we did in the hospital at Hillcrest Hospital. A tonsillectomy was routine, then 5 days later ... she had to go back to surgery and be readmitted. Your crafts made our stay a bit better. Thank you

- Margo

My daughter had to go to the hospital for a procedure and she loved your gifts! Thank you so much for taking the time to help others. It made her visit a lot more enjoyable!

- Amanda

My son has health issues and we have spent a lot of time at Ruby (Memorial Hospital in West Virginia) and what u guys are doing with the crafts and bracelets and stuff are very much appreciated. My son enjoys it very much and I'm sure other kids do as well. Thank you for what u do. God bless u all!

- Stacey

Thank you!


Hello, My son and I wanted to say a huge Thank You for the amazing items in the Bag of Smiles that he received on Saturday after we landed at the Albany Med Pediatric Emergency Room. Having these really helped calm him down while the doctors, nurses and techs worked with/on him though a 24 hour stay at the hospital. Again, thank you so much!

- The Williams Family

Thank you so much this put a smile on Emmaleigh's face when she was in the ICU here in Charleston, WV, and at home.

- Tressie

Thank you so much for your kind gift! Your thought cards! It made my daughter hospital stay just a little more easier.

- Desiree and Penelope

We at the Ronald McDonald House of Scranton sincerely appreciate your generous donation of the craft kits. Every donation as yours helps our house and the families who stay here in innumerable ways.

- Warren Shotto, Executive Director

Thank you so much for the 50 Camp in a Bag craft kits. Our families love these! We appreciate you.

- Shirley

This is Jana, your bag brought a huge smile for her today! Thank you so much!!

- Christina

Thank you. We had fun making this craft today. We have been in Hershey Hospital for 10 days now and it was nice to do a craft with her.

- Zach

Just wanted to say thank you for the goody bag! We had a rough day yesterday and this is exactly what Connor needed! What a neat concept and the smiles it puts on kids' faces is priceless!

- Jennifer

Thank you for the craft bags while my granddaughter was at LVHN (Lehigh Valley Health Network). She was in the hospital for a total of 23 days ... and she really enjoyed the crafts that were brought to her room.

- Susan

We just got our shipment from Caitlin's Smiles, and I am absolutely thrilled and beaming! These are amazing kits that I know you all have worked so hard to put together. I am so excited to develop this partnership with you and will be in touch about setting up a regular shipment after I see how quickly we go through the items. I truly appreciate your support!

- Sarah, CCLS, CEIM Certified Child Life Specialist

We have received a couple deliveries of craft kits from Caitlin’s Smiles & I just wanted to say they are the cutest things ever! Our guest families sure do love them. Thank you for thinking of RMH Cincinnati & sending these all the way from PA. Your organization is so appreciated! Enjoy the day!

- Joni, Program Director at Ronald McDonald Charities of Greater Cincinnati

My daughter received a bag of goodies after a hard time getting her iv started for her infusion. Thank you for the much needed smile!

- Jennifer

My 4 year old grandson was hospitalized in Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ. He had 2 back-to-back surgeries. He was beyond excited to get a kit with a red racing car, donated by Caitlin's Smiles. I actually grew up in Harrisburg about 40 years ago, not far from 6th Street, and I was touched by the way your organization is reaching out to help put smiles on kids' faces. May Caitlin's memory stay alive as you continue with your wonderful work. Thank you!

- Chava

We just got back from Childrens Nationwide Hospital! We can’t tell you how much you made Jaxon smile! God bless you!

- Mary

My daughter, Adalyn, wanted to say thank you for the crafts! She has absolutely been loving your crafts during her stay!

- Joshwa

Thank you for the recovery kit that we were given after my son’s surgery. He loved the activities, and it helped us through a difficult recovery day.

- Julie

I wanted to reach out and thank you, and everyone from Caitlin Smiles, for my monthly donations. These items positively impacts my patients and staff members. Both groups faces’ light up whenever we get a delivery. Thank you so much for the continued support!

- Tracey S. Kunj-Ramen, MS, CCLS Director, Child Life, South Oaks Hospital, Amityville, NY

Hi my name is Zoee. I am 5 years old and I had fun making this craft, Thank you so much!

- Zoee

Grace is so grateful for your coping kit while we visited the ER (in Dayton, Ohio).

- Jennifer

Thank you!


Damari just wanted to share his turtle with you. Thank you.

- Yesenia

Brooklynne appreciated her bag she received this morning at WVU Children's!! It included a sketch book... Which happens to be one of her most favorite things!! Thank you so much for this gift! ❤️


My daughter Luna and I would like to say thank you for the beautiful box of goodies that was sent to her here at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford. We have been here for close to 2 months and it brought such a smile to Luna as she was opening it up! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you again,

- Joanne & Luna

On behalf of our family, we want to thank you for the bag of smiles! This definitely kept Julius preoccupied while he waited for his surgery.

- Marta

I just wanted to say thank you for making my son feel so loved after his emergency procedure!! It meant the world to him!! Keep up this amazing work because it truly makes a difference for EVERY SINGLE CHILD who receives a bag. 🥹💕🙏🏼

- Katy

Thank you.

- Josephine

Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift!! It sure made his day!

- Chrischa

Thank you so very much for the keychain craft, and all of the wonderful goodies in the gift bag we got at the hospital (Monmouth Medical Center)

- Liam K.

Hi, I want to thank you for the beautiful package you prepared that was delivered to my daughter during her hospital stay. You can see that a lot of thought goes into it and every detail is included. I can’t believe the hand drawn flowers on the bag just to add some cheer! You make the world a better place. Thanks!

- Aliza

Obrigada! Meu filho amou. Muito obrigada pelo carinho. Translation: Thank you! My son loved it. Thank you very much for caring.

- Francisca

Thank you for putting a smile on my daughter's face.

- Andrea

Thank you so much for the amazing care bag!

- Christina

My daughter is in the hospital and received one of your bags. Thank you for bringing a smile to her face during this difficult time!

- Tarah

Thank you!

- Katelynn

Chelsea is a 4-year-old at Harrisburg Pediatric unit and enjoying crafts from her Caitlin’s Smiles bag! Thank you for bringing her joy in a time of discomfort.

- Amanda

Jasper's craft. Thank you.

- Cassidy

Just wanted to send a special thank you for the bag of goodies. When my son received the bag, it truly put a smile on his face. We are so grateful for your kind donation.

- Melissa

My 11 year old son is having an unexpected hospital stay. Needless to say, he was very scared and this bag of goodies was unexpected and made his day. It put a huge smile on his face. I'm so grateful for the work you do to make this experience for kids less stressful. Please let me know how I can support your organization. This kind gesture made an impact in our family and I'd love to support however I can.

- Tracie

Hello and Thank you for the gift. He has been enjoying it since he got home. Thanks for making him smile.

- Yvonne

On behalf of the Ronald McDonald House here in Toledo Ohio, I would like thank you for your generous donation of craft/activity kits! Our families love being able to take these materials to their children in the hospital. It is a great bonding and stress relieving activity for them to do as a family. I loved reading more about your organization and the great work you all do. We appreciate your kindness and look forward to seeing the creativity of our families grow with your help.

- Lucy

I wanted to write and thank you for the awesome bag that your agency provided to my son during his recent hospital stay. This brightened both of our days and made our hospital experience so so much better. We can't thank you enough. My son was drawing, made awesome crafts, and was able to take his mind off of feeling awful. Your agency is doing amazing work. Thank you so very much.

- Tammy

Thank you for the little kit!! My daughter Georgia was so nervous but was very happy after getting this ❤️❤️

- Kimberly