We are excited to welcome volunteers back into Smiles Central.

Visit the Volunteer page to become a volunteer!

Volunteers can continue to help from home as they have during the pandemic, too. We invite you to make greeting cards, decorate gift bags, and assemble craft kits at home. You can find instructions on the Our Services webpage. Look for the Download Info buttons.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Caitlin's Smiles.

With only a handful of staff, we depend on the good people who volunteer their time in many ways. We have hundreds of volunteers doing a variety of tasks, allowing us to reach children in over 100 locations in eight states and the District of Columbia. Without our volunteers, Caitlin’s Smiles would not exist. We welcome new volunteers who are willing to give their time, energy and talents to bring smiles to hospitalized children. Check our FAQs for answers to the most common questions about volunteering for Caitlin’s Smiles.