Highmark Co-workers Help to Send Smiles to Hospitalized Children

December 11, 2021

These Highmark employees were happy to be back together again. Our kids will be even happier because of their reunion.

Over the last few years, Karen Hughes, Paul Bolock, Sue Richards, Aditya Kulkarni, Sreevani Neti and Julie Silvagio have been separated by the demands of their jobs at Highmark. But they got back together to happily spend a day assembling craft kits at Smiles Central.
For seven hours, they measured and cut thread, folded instruction sheets, placed materials in resealable bags, glued craft sticks together, and sized up stickers to fit on bookmarks and assembled those kits. At the end of the day, they had produced hundreds of Surfer Bracelet and Foam Bookmark kits for our kids.
Thank you so much to the Highmark 6. You brought a lot of smiles with you to Smiles Central and you created a lot more for the kids served by our organization.