American Heritage Girl, Hailey, Brings Smiles to Many.

January 6, 2022

Hailey delivered arts & crafts items she collected during her craft drive.

Hailey has advanced to the seventh-grade level of American Heritage Girls 304 and our kids’ hospital stays will be brighter because of her kindness while getting there.

To rise to the Pioneer level, the Carlisle 6th-grader needed to come up with a project that all 75 girls in her K-12 group could participate in. She chose to start a collection for Caitlin’s Smiles. She sent emails and made flyers, and her friends responded. After three weeks, she spent several hours sorting the donations.
The result was an awesome Christmas surprise at Smiles Central. Included in Hailey’s delivery were coloring books, pens, glue sticks, Play-Doh kits, toys, games, colored pencils, crayons, a sketchbook and construction paper.
Thank you, Hailey and friends, for your generosity.