Birthday Kindness

July 16, 2022

Oliver is proof that kindness and generosity begin at an early age.
The 8-year-old Oliver came to Smiles Central with his mom, three siblings, and several bags of donations for our kids. He said he gathered the donations at his birthday party instead of presents. “We asked him whether it was going to be gifts or charity,” his mom said. “He said charity.”
So they settled on Caitlin’s Smiles and sent out the word to his party’s invitees.
The responses included crayons, markers, activity books, Legos, bracelet kits, cars, puzzles, and monetary donations.
Thank you, Oliver. Your kindness has brought a lot of smiles.
If you would like to learn more about having a craft supply drive for Caitlin’s Smiles, like Oliver did, click here.