Amazon Delivers Smiles with Caitlin’s Smiles

March 21, 2023

Amazon associates from throughout the region came together to help the children served by Caitlin’s Smiles. Starting on Monday, March 20th, and continuing throughout the following week, employees donated Play-Doh and spent time volunteering for the cause.  The Amazon volunteers spent time packaging craft kits, creating cards of encouragement, and decorating the paper bags used to hold the contents of our signature Bag of Smiles.

Each year, Amazon warehouse employees in the region participate in the “Battle of the Buildings.” This contest challenges employees of each warehouse to donate the most amount of Play-Doh to Caitlin’s Smiles. This year’s winning location was Lewisberry. Together, ten area warehouses donated 27,500 cans of Doh. This is the sixth year for the challenge.

Caitlin’s Smiles uses 50,000 cans of Play-doh in our outreach to children in medical facilities each year. Two cans are placed into each Bag of Smiles that is given to children staying overnight in hospitals. One can is placed into Coping Kits which are provided to children spending time in emergency departments and day clinics.

In addition to their volunteer work at Smiles Central, some of the amazon locations have been offering craft kit sessions for their employees. The sessions, set up by Tessa and April (pictured below) took place at PHL4, PHL6 and MDT1 and happened outside of their work hours. Amazon associates produced over 6,000 kits during several four-hour sessions.

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