Central Penn Kings bounce on in to Volunteer

October 24, 2022

Caitlin’s Smiles welcomed help from members of the Central Pennsylvania Kings Basketball team recently. During their volunteer time, they sorted thousands of cans of Play-Doh and assembled craft kits. Organizing the Play-Doh helps other volunteers to get the correct sizes into our different types of outreach. Small cans go into our Coping Kits while the larger tubs are placed into Bags of Smiles. The craft kits that the Kings assembled will go into Bags of Smiles, Coping Kits and Craft Kit boxes. All their good efforts are destined for children spending time in medical facilities. The activities give the children something to do during wait times in between appointments and treatments. In turn, these activities help kids cope and deal with anxiety as well.

The Kings involvement with Caitlin’s Smiles started during their inaugural season in 2021.

While at Caitlin’s Smiles, the Kings met Johnny, a local child who has been the recipient of Caitlin’s Smiles outreach.

To view CBS21’s coverage of the Kings’ volunteer day at Caitlin’s Smiles, click here.