Children Served in 2022

February 15, 2023

Our volunteers never cease to amaze us with their efforts in helping the kids served by Caitlin’s Smiles.  

3,103 individuals contributed 22,902 volunteer hours in 2022. These hours account for on-site and off-site volunteering, deliveries, donation pick-ups, participating in and leading volunteer sessions, and more. 

The time volunteers spent at Caitlin’s Smiles in 2022 translates into how many Bags of Smiles, Craft Kits, Coping Kits, and toys we can get out to children who are spending time in medical facilities. Not only does it mean that pediatric patients are receiving activities, but it also brings about quality time with family, brings down stress levels, and helps kids cope while dealing with their medical issues. 

It all comes down to getting as many activities out to pediatric patients as we can. Caitlin’s Smiles serves children receiving treatment in 170+ medical facilities in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, and New Jersey, plus Washington, D.C. In addition to these areas, we try to provide some activities to hospitals in areas that are affected by disasters as they happen.

Caitlin’s Smiles has a variety of activity packages including Bags of Smiles, Coping Kits, Craft Kit boxes, and individual toys. To learn more about each one of these, visit here.

In 2022, we were able to reach 126,987 children through our various programs. Below are how the numbers break down.