Robbin & Jen: Mother – Daughter Volunteers

April 17, 2022

For Robbin Crossley, it all started with attending craft nights with her daughter more than a decade ago.
Today, Robbin is a member of our Board of Directors and a craft night leader. Along the way, she also helped plant the seed for our A Night of Smiles art auction, chaired its committee for a few years and still sits on the panel.
“On one occasion (at a Craft Night), I met Cheryl. We discussed the idea of an art event to raise money that could involve the children,” Robbin says. “Of course, after meeting Cheryl, she could have asked me to do anything.
“I agreed to be on this committee, and A Night of Smiles was a success. I went on to chair the committee for a few years. At some point. Cheryl asked me if I would consider serving on the Board of Directors. I, of course, said I would.”
Why has she stayed involved with Caitlin’s Smiles?
“The kids,” Robbin says, “Knowing the joy these bags bring to the kids is everything. Cheryl is my inspiration to continue volunteering at Caitlin’s Smiles. I would do anything to assist Cheryl in succeeding in this journey.”
Robbin obviously passed her leadership traits to her daughter, Jen Crossley. Jen is Caitlin’s Smiles’ liaison at Central Penn AAA. She oversees its employees in assembling Coping Kits by the hundreds for our kids and takes charge of getting those kits to Smiles Central and some area hospitals.