The Wednesday Morning Team: United to Send Smiles

April 17, 2022

Barbara Allen and Donna Siemons were drawn to Caitlin’s Smiles after meeting Cheryl Hornung in a fitness class in 2017.
Cheryl Goldman and Kim Krill were working for the State of Pennsylvania when they came across an ad in a suburban Harrisburg weekly newspaper that called for volunteers.
“We came for the summer and never left,” Cheryl Goldman says with a laugh.
At first, the duos volunteered regularly on different days. But in November 2018, help was needed on Wednesday mornings. All four of them came together to answer the call on two Wednesdays a month and they have gelled into a strong — and fun —  team. Friendships have been formed.
“We’re all compatible,” Cheryl says.
For two hours on those mornings, our Red Room comes alive with chatter and laughter as the quartet assembles craft kits and Coping Kits, checks others’ kits for quality, and performs any other task that is asked of them.
“We all complain about the same things,” Kim jokes.
However, Barbara seemed to say it all for this team: “I like the people. I like the mission.”